CloudBolt is Packed with Features

Cloud Management that transforms your existing infrastructure into a friendly IaaS and PaaS environment, automates provisioning and management, puts you in control, yields actionable business information, and is ready to satisfy enterprise demands.

IaaS and PaaS

Transform your existing assets and technology into an accessible, scalable, and secure private or hybrid cloud.


Use Infrastructure as a Service to create Platform as a Service that makes use of your existing IT assets, process, and procedures.

Intuitive User Interface

Automatically generate Order Form questions your users will understand. Your Order forms are customized right from the UI with just a few clicks.

Service Catalog

Create interactive service catalog entries, and make them available to users and groups. Deploy multiple servers into multiple environments with one click.


Manage a broad array of technologies, ensuring your existing process and procedures are followed every time.


Initiate real-time discovery and import of your existing networks, templates, applications, workflows, etc… CloudBolt stays in sync with your underlying technology and reacts to changes.

Automated Provisioning

Automate every last manual step, while leveraging your existing technology, processes, and procedures across physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources.

Automatic Self-Service IT

CloudBolt automatically creates environments that your users can begin working with today, not tomorrow.

External Workflow Support

Plug CloudBolt into anything. Use your existing run book automation flows or CloudBolt’s Orchestration Hooks to interoperate with complicated business and IT environments.

Rapid Time to Value

Screenshot of CloudBolt’s Quick Setup wizard, showing a simple UI for getting started with CloudBolt.

Unify your IT enterprise faster than any other product available.

VM Lifecycle Management

Automatically manage the end-to-end VM lifecycle from provisioning to deletion.


Effective IT governance decreases costs, and increases security and reliability. Dictate what users can do in your IT environments.

Extend Config Management

Present your users with interactive lists of applications and configurations to be installed at provisioning time.

Assign Access

Provide end users access to available apps. Control who can see which apps, and which environments can run each app.

Assign Networks

Control user and group access to your networks, whether they’re real, virtualized, or provided by your virtualization manager.


Isolate groups and environments, customize branding and authentication—all on a per-customer basis. Use a single CloudBolt instance to provide services to all of your customers.

Unified IT Management

Screenshot of CloudBolt’s server list showing a table with columns for IP, operating system, power status, and more.

View your IT Enterprise from a single pane-of-glass. We’ll keep changes made to underlying tools synchronized, so your subject matter experts can keep working as they always have.

Create Logical Data Centers

Subdivide physical, virtual, and cloud-based resource providers into isolated logical environments, each with their own permissions, templates, and networks.

Actionable Information

Provide the businesses with the intelligence that leaders need to make informed decisions.


Control the number of resources your groups can access at any one time across entire environments.

Unified Reporting

Bridge the communication gap between IT and business. Finally answer difficult questions like “Find all servers with a software license that have been off for 30 or more days”.


Display cost impact of resource choices to users. Aggregate costs per group, and generate invoice information.

Software License Management

Track software license deployment in real time across all of your CloudBolt-managed environments.

Enterprise Friendly

Tackling complex IT environments is more than just handling lots of users—it’s providing capabilities that solve real problems.

Bi-Directional API

Programmatically control virtual, private cloud, and public cloud resources: all from one API.

Seamless Upgrade Process

Upgrades to CloudBolt are just another feature. Non-destructive and quick, the upgrade process is as painless as the initial installation.

Self Testing

Your environment is always changing. CloudBolt’s Cloud Supply Chain Validator automatically checks to make sure those changes don’t break automation.

Easy Customization

CloudBolt fits into your environment quickly and easily. Reuse existing technology and processes, and re-shape the ordering process. No development required.

Custom Branding

Put your best brand forward. CloudBolt can be OEM’d and white labeled with your own branding.

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