The Many Benefits of CloudBolt

Make the most of your IT resources by exposing them to end users with a simple interface and by leveraging detailed reports.

Close the Business–IT Communication Gap

Align IT with Business

IT exists to support your business. CloudBolt enables IT to provide the services that businesses need.

Provide Cost Transparency

What was the real IT cost of that project? CloudBolt lets you provide real data to the business.

Bridge the Communication Gap

The fundamental language of business differs than that of IT. With CloudBolt, you can finally provide answers to the difficult questions your leadership is asking.

Accelerate Innovation

Provide resources when they're needed, and rapidly build new service offerings to lines of business.

Control your Environment

Effective governance will save your organization money. Spend valuable staff time innovating instead of babysitting provision requests.

Control Shadow IT

Make it easier for your users to consume IT-provided resources, rapidly provide new services, and users will stop flocking to outside services.

Eliminate VM Sprawl

Every unused VM in your environment costs you money. Find them, eliminate them, save money, reduce attack vectors, and recoup costly software licenses.

Enable IT as a Broker/Provider

Keep your IT organization relevant. Provide access to your internal resources, and control what can be deployed to public clouds. IT must control this decision.

Automate Governance

Your governance processes involve people, and people are hard. Automation ensures that every policy is followed every time on every deployed and managed resource.

Get the Most out of Your Infrastructure

Optimize your existing infrastructure with easy-to-use cloud management software that surpasses the competition.

Increase Value from Existing Investments

More effectively leverage existing technology to maximize the return on investment. CloudBolt allows you to expose underlying capabilities to end users in a controlled manner.

Reduce Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock in will increase your IT costs. CloudBolt will provide the same or better capabilities at a lower cost, and enable the IT organization to select best-of-breed technologies for every need.

Market Leading Time-to-value

Month (even week)-long implementation times are no more. With CloudBolt, you’ll have self-service IT deployed in hours.

Rapidly Enable Cloud

Cloud is not going anywhere. CloudBolt greatly reduces the barrier of entry to private and hybrid cloud.

Integrate New Technology

Easily implement and integrate new and disruptive capabilities, and simplify phase out of legacy environments.

Improve User Experience

Give your users on-demand access to the resources they need to do their jobs. Present them with intuitive ordering forms they can understand.

Enable PaaS from IaaS

When unified, your virtualization templates and configuration management system can be your PaaS offering. Give the devs what they want, with the flexibility to retain operational control of your IT environment.

Save Time with Automation

With automation, your IT staff can focus their efforts on valuable tasks and innovation, not manually stepping through complicated resource provisioning and management processes.

Automate Provisioning

How many hours of staff time does it take your Admins to deploy a single instance? How much time is spent managing deployed instances? Put those resources toward value-added tasks.

Heterogeneous Automation

Automate across your existing technology, no matter how many different vendors you’re using.

Improve IT Responsiveness

Does your business complain about how long it takes IT to respond to requests? Reduce response times with CloudBolt.

Break up IT Silos

CloudBolt automates across all silos needed to effectively deploy resources. Unify your environment and teams like never before.

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