Transform existing IT resources into cloud.

  • Provide self-service IT
  • Create private and hybrid cloud
  • Understand resource usage
  • Empower IT admins and consumers

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Screenshot of CloudBolt’s personalized dashboard showing a user’s server, orders, and recent activity.

Use these (and more) from a single interface

Automate IT with CloudBolt

Align IT with Business

IT exists to support your business. CloudBolt enables IT to provide the services that businesses need.

Eliminate VM Sprawl

Every unused VM in your environment costs you money. Find them, eliminate them, save money, reduce attack vectors, and recoup costly software licenses.

Automate Provisioning

How many hours of staff time does it take your Admins to deploy a single instance? How much time is spent managing deployed instances? Put those resources toward value-added tasks.

Rapidly Enable Cloud

Cloud is not going anywhere. CloudBolt greatly reduces the barrier of entry to private and hybrid cloud.

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The Cloud Supply Chain Validator is extremely innovative. Not only is no one else doing that, no one has even thought of it.

Leading Industry Analyst

We POC’d a dozen different Cloud Management Platforms, and CloudBolt was the best.

Current Customer

Cloud Management Features

Unified Reporting

Bridge the communication gap between IT and business. Finally answer difficult questions like “Find all servers with a software license that have been off for 30 or more days”.


Display cost impact of resource choices to users. Aggregate costs per group, and generate invoice information.

Automatic Self-Service IT

CloudBolt automatically creates environments that your users can begin working with today, not tomorrow.

Rapid Time to Value

Screenshot of CloudBolt’s Quick Setup wizard, showing a simple UI for getting started with CloudBolt.

Unify your IT enterprise faster than any other product available.


Isolate groups and environments, customize branding and authentication—all on a per-customer basis. Use a single CloudBolt instance to provide services to all of your customers.

Unified IT Management

Screenshot of CloudBolt’s server list showing a table with columns for IP, operating system, power status, and more.

View your IT Enterprise from a single pane-of-glass. We’ll keep changes made to underlying tools synchronized, so your subject matter experts can keep working as they always have.

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